About Twyla

Photography: Sonia Lopez

photography: Sonia Lopez
Hello, I'm Twyla!
Welcome to my website, where we can connect and I can show you my artful creations. 
Ever since I was a kid, the mere thought of creating seemed to enlighten my mind. Now, as an evolving artist that continues to explore her passions, creating has a beautiful and remarkable meaning that by allowing others to own and experience my creations, comes true 
"For me, creating is more than just completing a project or putting an idea into action. The art of creating begins when you are able to convey your feelings to others and make a connection"
Human connection among other living things, and the environment of which we are a part of signify a large part of the message I like to share with my art, hence why I encourage all of you, to recycle. Since all the products in my shop and created by me are recyclable.